Desig­ned by: Josep Motas

Avai­la­ble with the follo­wing sizes:

Usa­ge: Inte­rior. Wall cove­ring, sho­wers, table­tops, etc.

Mate­rial: Gla­zed ceramic

Sur­fa­ce: Glossy

Thick­ness: 6mm

Water absor­ption: max. 14,3%

Deli­very time: 15–20 days

Usa­ge: Exte­rior and Inte­rior. Floors, entran­ces, pools, high traf­fic areas, etc.

Mate­rial: Natu­ral stoneware

Sur­fa­ce: Matte

Thick­ness: 12mm

Water absor­ption: UNE 67.099–85 (EN 99)- Ave­ra­ge 3.1%

Deli­very time: 15–20 days

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